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Aranware Knitted Creamware

Aranware Knitted Creamware

"Inspired by traditional Irish knitting." 

The cozy look of a cable sweater has migrated onto this classic creamware! As sturdy and practical as their knitted inspiration, this aranware brings a spark of Irish life, culture, and tradition to the table—setting the stage for some traditional Irish hospitality!

The Aranware Teapot is embossed with the Honeycomb cable, representing the rewards of hard work. The Cup & Saucer are embossed with cable patterns that symbolize the bond between loved ones—the Double Zig Zags around the cup represent the ups and downs of married life, while the Link pattern that radiates from the center of the saucer represents the link to those who have settled far from home.

Each piece of creamware is crafted in the city of Derry in Northern Ireland. They can move easily from oven to table and are safe for both the microwave and dishwasher.

Aranware Knitted Pitcher.

Aranware Knitted Bowl.

Aranware Knitted Teapot.

Aranware Knitted Tea Cup and Saucer.



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