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Annabella's Cowl Using Alchemy Haiku/Silk Purse

Annabella's Cowl Using Alchemy Haiku/Silk Purse

"Exquisitely dyed. Sublimely soft."

Our friend, Annabella Serra, rarely knits from a pattern. She just takes off and makes it up as she goes! We love this versatile cowl she created, with its lavish length and unexpected switch from rib to stockinette. It’s just as pleasurable to knit as it is to wear!

We’ve knit it in an exquisite pairing of Haiku and Silk Purse—hand-dyed yarns from Alchemy. Holding the pure silk strand of Silk Purse together with the silk and mohair blend of Haiku, even the most sensitive soul will find it’s soft next to the skin. In fact, we've received a stunning array of new colorways from the plein-air California dying studio—each skein is unmatched in its depth and complexity and we can't wait to knit them up.

Grab the pattern below, and then choose your favorite colorway. You'll be off and knitting in no time!

COLOR: 114C Mighty Redwood. Olivey evergreens with luminous moss and russet bark.

COLOR: 179C Dark Star. Deep browns and plums spiced with burnished gold.

COLOR: Diamonda. Palest pearly pastels: cream, smoke, and platinum.

COLOR: Barnwood. Warm and weathered browns, from deep bark to golden amber.

COLOR: Ace of Spades. Plummy black, washed navy and dark smoke.

COLOR: Agate. Vivid tropical blues, pale sky, shades of silver, taupe, faded black.

COLOR: Prairie. Golden brown topaz, soft tan, bright turquoise, sage, pale periwinkle, silver.

COLOR: Jasper. Peridot green, sea glass, sky, periwinkle, plums, golden topaz, wheat.

COLOR: Nirvana. Moody dark grape, vivid violet, electric blue, plum, bright teal, muted pink.

COLOR: Swansea. Faded shades of denim, sage, sea glass, grey, silver.

COLOR: Shangri-La. Dark slate, electric blue, periwinkle, faded denim, silver, ivory.

COLOR: Masala. Hot magenta pink, tangerine, dark orange, golden mustard, bright ivory.

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