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Angelica Pullover Using Rowan Felted Tweed

Angelica Pullover Using Rowan Felted Tweed

“Blooming colorwork.”

Sweet, romantic Angelica unites a classic pullover silhouette with lovely, intricate colorwork. Designed by Marie Wallin for her Bloomsbury collection, Angelica’s colorwork bands are each a different, pretty pattern ranging from floral to geometric.

Angelica was knit and designed in one of our favorite go-to yarns—Rowan Felted Tweed. A little rustic, a little refined, Felted Tweed is on the finer side of DK-weight. It blends merino wool (for softness and spring) with alpaca and viscose (for drape, luster, and stitch definition). And there are so many beautiful options for colorwork!

Bloomsbury Collection Nine by Marie Wallin. Softcover; 74 pages; 8 designs.

COLOR: 177 Clay. Pale earthenware bisque.

COLOR: 159 Carbon. Smoky grey with a smudge of blue.

COLOR: 190 Stone. Heathery muted sage.

COLOR: 172 Ancient. Is it grey or is it green?.

COLOR: 197 Alabaster. Pale grey with blue and black flecks.

COLOR: 170 Seafarer. Nautical charcoal navy.

COLOR: 191 Granite. Grey with a blue undertone.

COLOR: 193 Cumin. Warm golden wheat.

COLOR: 196 Barn Red. A warm, weathered brownish red.

COLOR: 175 Cinnamon. A toasty teddy brown.

COLOR: 185 Frozen. Dusty pink lavender.

COLOR: 192 Amethyst. Lavender with specks of natural browns and blues.



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