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A Note from Kit - Spring/Summer 2019


For a lifelong knitter (and sometime crocheter, stitcher, seamstress...), the spring and summer months have a flavor all their own. Longer days and brighter skies beckon us—yes, even we sedentary types—outdoors. Out to the porch. Out to the garden. Out to the shore. And maybe this year, out for a walk, knitting in hand.

It’s the time of year for crafting weekends, family visits, and travels near and far. We kicked off our gad-about season at the end of March, sponsoring a ‘Knitting with Company’ retreat at IslandWood. Seventy-odd (well, not actually ‘odd’!) knitters communed with ‘Company’ founders Catherine Lowe and Julie Hoover and renowned designers Olga Buraya-Kefelian and Gudrun Johnston. The weekend was a splendid reminder of how much we learn when we spend time together.

We’re so pleased to introduce you to a collection of five new Churchmouse Classics patterns for spring. See pages 6–10 for photos of the designs and page 15 for details about our launch party (come get a free pattern!).

This is the first collection we’ve done since 2009 without our friend Jared Flood behind the camera. We’re so grateful for his friendship, talent, and continued support long past the point that he could comfortably fit our projects into his busy Brooklyn Tweed world. I learned so much from Jared and look forward to future collaborations and visits.

Our new photographer Laura Gehring, while not a knitter (yet!), brought a lovely fashion eye (and two-month-old Arlo!) to the set. With Laura nearby in Seattle, we’re excited about the potential for shooting more designs more often. We’d better get knitting!

In April, the knitting community said a sad farewell to Karen Aho, former longtime owner of the Acorn Street Shop in Seattle. Karen was a dedicated presence in The National Needlework Association (TNNA) and was generous with her wisdom when we first started Churchmouse. She remained a constant encourager as the years went by. Karen must have been so heartened to know that ‘her’ Acorn Street had been passed into the capable and loving hands of new owners Mary, Janet, and Judy before she passed away (too soon).

Every day is a gift.