A Note from Kit - Holiday 2019


One of my favorite pictures in our very old, very fragile Night Before Christmas book is the one that illuminates “visions of sugarplums.” The children’s heads nestle atop the marshmallow fluffiness of feather pillows while all sorts of sweeties swirl overhead. I still don’t know what an actual sugarplum is, but I know the dance of those little pleasures that make life sweeter.

If I had a dollar (or let’s say, a skein of yarn) for every time I’ve heard a guest in our shop say “I feel like a kid in a candy store,” I’d be a wealthy woman. Which, in fact, I suppose I am—rich in inspiration, rich in satisfaction, and especially rich in good company every day.

I must confess, I too have that “candy store” feeling when I walk into the shop— or any yarn shop, for that matter. So many colors, so many flavors, so many possibilities. I love those loooong, slow, satisfying projects that are like hours of working on a jawbreaker to get to the tiny kernel of sweetness inside. And I love those quick, pop-it-in-your-mouth projects that offer immediate satisfaction, like the sprinkles on the frosting. And I love those challenging projects that have a little sour zing.

As little girls in Quebec, my big sister Deb and I enjoyed few things more than making candy in the kitchen with our mum. Stirring the gleefully bubbling butter and brown sugar. Dropping boiled syrup into cold water ’til it was just the right stage. Buttering our hands to pull taffy. Smooshing marshmallows into gooey fudge. Somehow the eating was never quite as satisfying as the making. The sweetness was in the time we spent together.

These days, my sweet and clever doctor has me watching my sugar so I’m treating myself with yarn: the long, slow ‘chew’ of a big wrap in licorice- black bouclé, the fling of a loopy wreath in cheery cherry red, the instant gratification of ultra-chunky scarves on jumbo needles... All in all, my yarn tooth is well satisfied!

We've gone a little crazy with pompoms—again!—this year. They’re the marshmallow in the cocoa of craft! I hope you’ll join me and Pam for quick demos of tips and tricks on Saturday, December 7th and 14th, 10am to 12pm—practice ingredients provided.

This holiday season, I wish you sweetness of every kind.

P.S. We offer special thanks to our neighbors around the corner at Bon Bon (the best little candy shop I know) for their inspiration and kindness. Especially on those days when yarn is just not enough!