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Rowan Original Denim

Rowan Original Denim

Rowan Original Denim

Just like a pair of comfy jeans, fabric made from Rowan’s 100% cotton Original Denim yarn starts out firm, but softens and fades with loving wear over time. And like all good denim, this worsted weight plied cotton is sturdy and long lasting. A great match for garments that demand structure and strength, your fabric will be firm yet lightweight at the same time. Available in three traditional denim shades of medium blue, dark blue, and black, it’s sure to inspire pieces that will become old faves in their own right!

Note: During the yarn’s unique dyeing process, only the surface absorbs color. Extra color sits on the yarn’s surface and will come off onto your hands and needles while you’re working. It washes off your hands very easily (not so, alas, for wooden needles; we use metal ones). We suggest protecting your clothing while you work. Most of the loose dye will come off your finished project in the first wash, leaving a slightly faded denim look. Most of the shrinkage (about 10% in length) will also occur in the first (machine!) wash. Because of this shrinkage, we recommend using patterns written specifically for Rowan Denim.

100% cotton; 50g, 100 yds (92m).
20 sts = 4"/10cm on US 6 (4mm). Machine wash and dry (warm) until just damp. Steam press with cloth as desired.

COLOR: 002 Nashville. Darkest denim blue.

COLOR: 001 Memphis. Medium denim blue.

COLOR: 003 Black. Inky black.

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