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Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran

Jamieson's Shetland Heather Aran

For woolly wool-ophiles (you know who you are!), Jamieson's Shetland yarns are the holy grail. Shorn from a diminutive breed of sheep that has stubbornly adapted to the rugged Shetland Isles in the North Sea, the hardy fleece is spun by a fifth generation mill family into a yarn that is springy, lofty and deceptively light weight. It has the perfect bounce-back for our Simple Straight Skirt and the right insulating properties for our Ribbed and Ruffled Tea Cozy. The complex heathered shades reflect the Scottish landscape perfectly. These are colors you'll never tire of, perfect for heirloom projects. A word to the wise: Shetland wools transform utterly with a nice warm wet-blocking (we've seen ungainly, raw looking knitting become utterly gorgeous) so don't skip this step.

100% Pure Shetland Wool; hand wash.
50g, 100 yds(92m); 16-22 sts = 4"/10cm on US 6-8 (4-5mm).
Looking for ideas? See how we've used this yarn!

COLOR: 199 Copper Beech. Deep russet with green undertones.

COLOR: 998 Autumn. Every color of autumn.

COLOR: 101 Shetland Black. Decidedly brown, straight off the black sheep.

COLOR: 888 Broch. Brown with the blues. And a rusty patina.

COLOR: 1060 Cedar. Teal, with plum and green leanings.

COLOR: 1350 North Sea. Heather grey with blue reflections.

COLOR: 1400 Mirrydancers. Dyed black, with flickers of the Northern Lights.

COLOR: 102 Shaela. A warm grey with brown undertones.

COLOR: 103 Sholmit. Heather grey.

COLOR: 104 Natural White. Fresh cream.

COLOR: 105 Eesit. Steel cut oats.

COLOR: 107 Mogit. Mocha.

COLOR: 108 Moorit. Milk chocolate.

COLOR: 126 Charcoal. Dark charcoal, approaching black.

COLOR: 239 Purple Heather. Plummy purple with vibrant specks of violet, copper, and teal.

COLOR: 251 Topaz. Blue-green patina swirled with muted copper.

COLOR: 331 Gingersnap. Glowing copper.

COLOR: 336 Conifer. Between emerald and forest.

COLOR: 383 Husk. Gold swirled with peach.

COLOR: 808 Pippin. Green apples.

COLOR: 1070 Woodnymph. Heathery sea green.

COLOR: 1340 Cosmos. Deepest, darkest navy blue.

COLOR: 1390 Highland Mist. Hazy blue skies.

COLOR: 1401 Nightshade. Darkest blue-violet swirled with black.



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