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Woolly Loop Accessories Using Rowan Cocoon

Woolly Loop Accessories Using Rowan Cocoon

"Hat, muff, mittens & scarf in one pattern!"

These loopy pieces evoke enchanted woodlands and sweeping tundras. The romantic hat with its deep furry cuff frames the face beautifully, while the muff is a charming little affectation that is actually quite practical. The simple scarf is the ultimate in coziness. And the mittens simply beg you to throw a snowball. The loop stitch is such fun!

For all these accessories, we've chosen Rowan Cocoon, a chunky-weight yarn that knits at 14 sts to 4"/10cm. You'll need approx. 235 yds/215m (2 skeins) for the hat; approx. 252/230m (2 skeins) for the muff; approx. 126 yds/115m (1 skein) for the mittens; and approx. 252 yds/230m (2 skeins) for the scarf. We provide instructions in the pattern for the length of loop in each fabric for each project; if you choose to make loops longer than specified, you'll need more yarn.

Digital Woolly Loop Accessories pattern. (Download)

Printed Woolly Loop Accessories pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 818 Quarry Tile. Weathered barn red.

COLOR: 806 Frost. Champagne beige.

COLOR: 825 Clay. Frosted sage.

COLOR: 833 Duck Down. Deep duck egg blue.

COLOR: 813 Seascape. Luminous teal.

COLOR: 816 Kiwi. Fresh spring green.

COLOR: 808 Tundra. Sheepy grey-brown...yum.

COLOR: 809 Crag. Loamy earth.

COLOR: 835 Umber. Fresh violet.

COLOR: 812 Bilberry. Dusty plum.

COLOR: 827 Misty Blue. Washed denim.

COLOR: 805 Mountain. Charcoal heather.

COLOR: 804 Shale. Grey flannel.

COLOR: 803 Scree. Granite grey.

COLOR: 802 Alpine. Sweatshirt grey.

COLOR: 801 Polar. Heavy cream.

COLOR: 838 Venus. Warm chestnut.

COLOR: 839 Jupiter. Dusty olive.

COLOR: 837 Saturn. Deep amethyst.

COLOR: 836 Moon. Soft baby blue.

COLOR: 841 Mercury. Muted sage.

COLOR: 843 Vega. Khaki pants.

COLOR: 844 Pluto. Dusty pumpkin.

COLOR: 845 Sirius. Forest.





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