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Shoulder Cozy Using Rowan Cocoon

Shoulder Cozy Using Rowan Cocoon

"Cozy twice over."

Simple and sophisticated, just like our original Shoulder Cozy, this colder-weather version adds another layer of coziness, replacing Summer Tweed with the huggable Rowan Cocoon; Kidsilk Haze continues to add a gentle complexity. With so many lovely color possibilities, you might have to make more than one!

As this piece stretches to fit around the shoulders, it shortens in length, so we gave you two size choices: Small/Medium fits up to 56"/142cm around shoulders (bust+arms); Large/Extra Large fits up to 60"/152cm around bust+arms and includes a little more yarn.

Grab a copy of the pattern below, if you don't already own a copy. The open gauge of the Cozy means the pattern works for this yarn combination just as well as the original.

Printed Shoulder Cozy pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Digital Shoulder Cozy pattern. (Download)

COLOR: Frost/Pearl. SIZE: Small/Medium.

COLOR: Frost/Pearl. SIZE: Large/Extra Large.

COLOR: Tundra/Majestic.SIZE: Small/Medium.

COLOR: Tundra/Majestic. SIZE: Large/Extra Large.

COLOR: Crag/Blackcurrant. SIZE: Small/Medium.

COLOR: Crag/Blackcurrant. SIZE: Large/Extra Large.

COLOR: Amber/Fudge. SIZE: Small/Medium.

COLOR: Amber/Fudge. SIZE: Large/Extra Large.

COLOR: Mountain/Wicked. SIZE: Small/Medium.

COLOR: Mountain/Wicked. SIZE: Large/Extra Large.

COLOR: Shale/Smoke. SIZE: Small/Medium.

COLOR: Shale/Smoke. SIZE: Large/Extra Large.

COLOR: Scree/Steel. SIZE: Small/Medium.

COLOR: Scree/Steel. SIZE: Large/Extra Large.

COLOR: Seascape/Hurricane. SIZE: Small/Medium.

COLOR: Seascape/Hurricane. SIZE: Large/Extra Large.





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