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Undyed Alpaca Socks with a Cushioned Sole

Undyed Alpaca Socks with a Cushioned Sole

"Cushioned comfort." 

Need something to warm your feet while your sock project is still on the needles? These super-soft cushion soled socks are the perfect interim solution! Made of 75% undyed alpaca (with 25% nylon added for resilience) they’re warm but breathable and oh, so comfortable. They put an extra bounce in our step when we’re moseying about the house, and they’re the perfect extra layer in our wellies.

The Undyed Alpaca Socks are available in sizes small, medium, and large and you have your choice of three, natural shades of undyed alpaca. These socks are made in England by Freight Household Goods—using carefully sourced materials and designs meant to ensure their goods will last well and wear even better.

SIZE/COLOR: Small/Pale Grey.

SIZE/COLOR: Medium/Pale Grey.

SIZE/COLOR: Large/Pale Grey.

SIZE/COLOR: Small/Darkest Brown.

SIZE/COLOR: Medium/Darkest Brown.

SIZE/COLOR: Large/Darkest Brown.

SIZE/COLOR: Small/Heathered Brown.

SIZE/COLOR: Medium/Heathered Brown.

SIZE/COLOR: Large/Heathered Brown.



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