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Smith Iced Teas

Smith Iced Teas

"Iced tea as it should be."

Remember the hot, dusty summer days you spent chasing grasshoppers through the tall grass? The best thing to quench your thirst was to drink a frosty glass of iced tea on the shady porch. Iced tea should taste bright, smooth, and full of character even after sitting over ice for a while. Leave it to the masters at Smith Teamaker to get that right!

Each box contains 10 quart-sized sachets.

Exceptional Iced Tea, 10 one-quart sachets. An especially cool, invigorating blend of carefully-selected full leaf Assam and Ceylon black teas—best sipped on the front porch swing.

Big Hibiscus Iced Tea, 10 one-quart sachets. Indian sarsaparilla, ginger, pink rose petals, European elderflower, and red hibiscus meet for a brew that ‘almost needs a corkscrew.’

Fez Iced Tea, 10 one-quart sachets. A blend of Oregon spearmint, Australian lemon myrtle, and Chinese Mao Feng green tea; fresh and aromatic—try it while lounging on oversized pillows with friends.



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