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Addi Steel Double Point Needles

Addi Steel Double Point Needles

"Handle any project with finesse!"

For lace and sock knitting, addi Steel Double-Point Needles are the perfect tool! Finished with ultra-smooth white bronze plating, these needles make knitting effortless—handle any intricate stitch, any fiddly project, with precision and finesse.

Each set of five, double-point needles are 8” (20.3 cm) in length. They’re available in a range of sizes from US 0000 (1 mm) to US 2 (2.75 mm).

Addi needles have set the world standard for circular knitting. They are still handcrafted by the same family who began manufacturing needlework tools in the quaint German town of Altena in 1829. These high-quality, German-engineered needles are created using a 25 step production process and a considerable amount of hands-on fabrication.

US 0000 (1.25mm).

US 000 (1.5mm).

US 00 (1.75mm).

US 0 (2mm).


US 1 (2.5mm).

US 2 (3mm).



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