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Studio Carta Scissors

Studio Carta Scissors

"Keen clippers." 

These sleek scissors are clever, keen, snipping machines! Each of our selected clippers are ideally suited for textiles—from yarn and thread to ribbon and twine. And with handles that are large enough for most fingers, you can clip away—easily, smoothly, and accurately. (Those precision sharpened, carbon steel blades help, too.)

The delicate and lovely Le Piccole Scissors (2 ¼”/ 6 cm) are extremely sharp—perfect for embroidery, knitting or any project that requires precision. We couldn’t decide between the gold-plated or the scarlet soft-touch handles—so we brought in both!

These scissors are imported from Italy exclusively by Studio Carta—a design studio known for their custom ribbons, unique accessories, and fine stationery. They work directly with manufacturers who have been using the same materials and practices since the 19th century.

Small scarlet scissors.

Bohin Leather Point Protector for embroidery scissors.

Tiny gold Le Piccole Scissors. In a gift tin.

Tiny scarlet Le Piccole Scissors. In a gift tin.

Black silhouette scissors.

Small golden Paris scissors.

Medium golden Florentine scissors.


Hardy golden dressmakers shears.

Medium golden hare scissors.

Medium golden ribbon scissors.



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