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Emergency Repair Keychain

Emergency Repair Keychain

"Handy & hardy!"

When the Emergency Repair Keychain was presented to a roomful of our staff, there was an audible, collective gasp—someone even shouted, “YES.” It’s just the sort of handy little tool that we didn’t know was essential until we saw it!

A trio of mini crochet hooks—a wee 3mm in gold, a medium 4mm in pink, and a larger 5mm in blue—dangles from a keyring. They’re ready to pick up dropped stitches, pick apart knots, and even serve as a make-do third needle if you need it. Made of lightweight, yet sturdy aluminum, this tool will be ready for your knitting emergencies attached to your project bag, purse, keychain, or your notions kit!

Set of 3 mini crochet hooks on a keychain ring; 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm.



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