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Cocoknits Notions

Cocoknits Notions

“Color-coded stitches.”

We can always count on Cocoknits to provide notions that are as beautiful as they are useful. Each of these stitch markers sets is perfectly suited to helping you clearly read your knitting!

The colored stitch markers are perfect helpmates to the Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet, corresponding to essential steps in the Cocoknits Method of top-down sweater-knitting. Six rainbow-bright colors help you keep track of your stitches as you go--they’re easily seen when marking rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns.

We’re offering three different sizes of colorful ring markers, an opening marker, and a split ring stitch marker. The jumbo sized stitch marker accommodates up to a US 19/16mm needle, the medium sized ring marker accommodates up to a US 13/9mm needle, and the smaller size accommodates up to a US 7/4.5mm needle—both are made of nylon-coated steel. The opening stitch markers are able to fit up to a US 11/8mm needle. These markers are made of painted steel—this means they are thinner and more delicate than the rings, and won’t leave a ladder in your fabric! The split ring stitch markers are a simple, open loop with a pointed leg that will nestle into your stitches and stay put—perfect for creating increases, counting rows or repeats, or working cables. Like the ring stitch markers, these are made with nylon-coated steel.

If you’re not sure which Cocoknits stitch marker to try first—or you’d love a handy sampling of each kind—try the Flight of Stitch Markers! Five types of stitch markers (split ring, triangle, small ring, original ring, and jumbo ring) are individually packaged in their own labeled tube, then placed in the Flight box with a magnetic closure.

Cocoknits’ box of precious metal stitch markers contains 54 steel based markers—two sizes of ring marker and an opening marker—finished with gold, silver, and copper coloring. The small ring marker accommodates up to a US 7/4.5mm needle and the larger stitch marker accommodates up to a US 13/9mm needle. The opening stitch markers are able to fit up to a US 11/8mm needle.

We’ve also brought in soothing earth tone triangle stitch markers. The clever, angled shape makes it easy to transfer the marker from one needle to another—your needle tip naturally finds a corner. The earth tone set features three each of small, medium, and large markers in six different colors: a total of 54 markers. The smallest can fit up to US 6 (4 mm), the medium marker can fit up to US 10 (6 mm), and the largest can fit up to US 13 (9 mm).

Colored Ring Stitch Markers (US 13/9mm).

Small Colorful Ring Stitch Markers (US 7/4.5mm).

Opening Colorful Stitch Markers (US 11/8mm).

Triangle Stitch Markers (6 each of 3 sizes).

Extra Small Triangle Stitch Markers (40 total, 10 each of 2 color/sizes).

Jumbo Colorful Ring Stitch Markers (US 19/16mm).

Precious Metal Stitch Markers.

Split Ring Stitch Markers.

Flight of Stitch Markers.

Triangle Stitch Markers (Earth Tones).



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