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Lakritsfabriken Swedish Liquorice

Lakritsfabriken Swedish Liquorice

"Soft and salty or sweet."

The black licorice fans amongst the Churchmice are smitten with this Swedish licorice! Distinct yet nuanced, balanced and unique—Lakritsfarbriken comes in both sweet and salty flavors. And it’s gluten-free! Made in soft, bite-sized pieces, you’ll find you’ve chewed through a whole packet before you know it.

Founded in 2011, Lakritsfabriken creates and packs their delicious licorice by hand in Helsingborg, Sweden. Fun fact: they made the world’s longest piece of licorice (measuring 519 meters, or 1703 feet!) in 2012. Look them up in Guinness World Records!

Available in two sizes: small box contains 1.4oz/40g; large box contains 5.29oz/150g.

SIZE/FLAVOR: Large box of Sweet Liquorice.

SIZE/FLAVOR: Large box of Salty Liquorice.

SIZE/FLAVOR: Small box of Sweet Liquorice.

SIZE/FLAVOR: Small box of Salty Liquorice.



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