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Gingerbread Tiles

Gingerbread Tiles

"Ginger gorgeousness." 

We have all been sighing over these exquisite, hand-formed gingerbread tiles. They come to us from a Marin County bakery just across the Golden Gate Bridge and are baked using the best all-natural, organic ingredients.

Each slab of fragrant, spiced gingerbread is rolled with a flowering trellis design and then cut into individual tiles. Once out of the oven, a vanilla glaze is brushed over the top, clearly defining the delicate floral pattern. And our grocery buyer, a trained baker herself, says the gingerbread is "the best I've ever tasted." Wow.

We are so in love with these seasonal classics that we leapt at the chance to present two sizes. The larger is perfect for sharing, while the minis are just right for dunking into a warm cuppa.

Large box: 3 large tiles per 10 ounce box.
Mini Box: 4 small tiles per 6 ounce box.

Large box of gingerbread tiles.

Mini box of gingerbread tiles.

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