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Smith Iced Teas

Smith Iced Teas

“Iced tea as it should be.”

Remember the hot, dusty summer days you spent chasing grasshoppers through the tall grass? The best thing to quench your thirst was to drink a frosty glass of iced tea on the shady porch. Iced tea should taste bright, smooth, and full of character even after sitting over ice for a while. Leave it to the masters at Smith Teamaker to get that right!

Their Exceptional Iced Tea is an especially cool, invigorating blend of carefully-selected full leaf Assam and Ceylon black teas—best sipped on the front porch swing.

Hibiscus Mango, a blend of mango, juicy hibiscus flowers, orange peel, and rooibos that’s smooth and caffeine-free—one sip and everything’s rosy!

Lively and palate-pleasing, Mediterranean Mint is a blend of invigorating Chinese green tea and fresh Pacific Northwest peppermint—a ‘Mediterranean vacation in a glass.’

The magical Blackberry Jasmine Iced Tea is a dazzling sapphire blend of Jasmine silver tip tea, sweet blackberry, orange peel, mango, and butterfly pea flower—which gives it a brilliant blue color, naturally!

Exceptional Iced Tea.

Hibiscus Mango Iced Tea.

Mediterranean Mint Iced Tea.

Blackberry Jasmine Iced Tea.



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