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Brodies Loose Leaf Tins

Brodies Loose Leaf Tins

"The Scottish take on tea means strrrrrrong!"

Since 1867, Brodies has satisfied demanding Scottish tastes for beefy, uncompromising tea flavor.

Famous Edinburgh
, the first Brodies we ever tasted, won us over to this master blender. Its malty essence rounds out the hearty core of the brew, producing a delightfully rich but smooth cuppa.

Scottish Breakfast is the heaviest of the blends, designed to coax you out of bed even on winter-y highland mornings. Employs two full-bodied teas from Assam and Kenya.

Royal Scottish Tea
is a blend of two ‘Regal’ large leaf teas from India and Sri Lanka. The malty rich Assam quality complements perfectly the aromatic Ceylon tea and produces a wonderfully rounded, soothing cup to refresh the palate.

Royal Scottish Loose Leaf 3.5 oz Tin.

Scottish Breakfast Loose Leaf 4.4 oz Tin.

Famous Edinburgh Loose Leaf 4.4 oz Tin.



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