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Smith Green Teas

Smith Green Teas

"Green tea paradise."

Teamaker Steven Smith has handcrafted a freshly imagined selection of green, white, and jasmine teas. Each roomy sachet permits full leaf expansion to give you better flavor.

Rose City Genmaicha blends Japanese sencha and genmai, Mao Feng green tea from China, and rose petals for a Portland twist on Japanese Genmaicha. It's nutty and floral with delicious notes of citrus.

Spring Greens (formerly Mao Feng Shui) is spring-harvested Mao Feng green tea from Zhejiang China. It has a slightly sweet, vegetative taste and aroma with a fresh aftertaste. Carefully picked at high elevation, it is exceptionally rich in antioxidants.

Jasmine Silver Tips' tender green leaves from China’s Fujian Province are harvested each May and then steam-fired to maintain their flavor. Then they’re combined with just-picked jasmine buds, which slowly open to share their fragrance. A sublime match.

Fez combines rare green tea from China with aromatic spearmint grown in Oregon and a hint of lemon myrtle from Australia. The result is an artful evocation of old Morocco.

White Petal’s delicate, shade-dried leaves from China’s Fujian Province are naturally high in antioxidants. Egyptian chamomile petals and Chinese osmanthus flowers add a fragrant, toasty, creamy and slightly sweet bloom of flavor.


Mao Feng Shui.

Jasmine Silver Tip.


White Petal.

Rose City Genmaicha.

Spring Greens.



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