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Billy Tea Campfire Brew

Billy Tea Campfire Brew

“An authentic bush brew.”

The smooth, slightly smokey Campfire Brew from Billy Tea (an Australian tea company that first started in 1888) was blended to mimic the taste of tea made in a ‘billy’—a lightweight cooking pot carried by Australian swagmen. This traditional tea blend is a mix of Australia’s own Daintree black tea, Chinese black tea, and fragrant Kooloo red leaf tea (also native to Australia).

Refreshingly full-flavored, John notes that Campfire Brew’s smokiness is very subtle (for more overt smokey flavor, look to our Russian Caravan or Lapsang Souchong). As Billy Tea says, “today, you don’t need a billy and a swag, just a Billy Tea bag.” Bottoms up!

Billy Tea Campfire Brew, 100ct box



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