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The Design

“Easy stitching that's oh, so, captivating.”

Why are our Churchmouse Bargello Kits such fun? Bargello's long, vertical stitches step up and down the canvas in repeating geometric patterns. Different color values create a captivating three-dimensional effect and designs can be bold, subtle or minimalist, depending on the shades of thread that you choose. The simple, repetitive rhythms make it perfect for busy stitchers.

Each kit includes two 7½" square 18-count deluxe mono taped canvases, four size-24 Bohin tapestry needles, a threader and a selection of gorgeous Silk & Ivory (50% silk 50% merino wool; 28.8 yds each) threads. It also comes with all the instructions you need to get started, as well as three inspiring charts to choose from.

For even more ideas and charts, we love The Bargello Book, available separately below. And to create your own colorways, visit our Silk & Ivory page to see all of our Hue Packs.

Your finished squares are visually stunning and quite sturdy. The 6 x 6" square fits perfectly into the Churchmouse Valet Tray or turn it into a pretty pocket for a canvas tote, a case for your spectacles, or a trivet for your teapot. So many options!

The Free Chart

Here’s a gently undulating wave pattern to add to your library of bargello charts. Each stitch is worked over 4 threads, stepping up or down by 2, moving diagonally in increasing or decreasing multiples.

How to make your stitches: Always make each stitch from lower hole to upper hole. Your stitches should always be worked up through an empty hole and down into a full hole. Begin and end strands by burying tails under worked stitches on wrong side.

Where to begin: To start your bargello chart on a blank canvas, first mark the center hole [c] of your canvas so your pattern will be placed symmetrically; then mark the outer edges of your desired design area.

Setting your first row: Begin working your chart from center toward the right marked edge; then from center to left edge; this establishes your pattern line.

Working following rows: Work all remaining rows from right edge to left, following the line you have set. Work toward bottom of canvas, ending at marked bottom edge with shorter stitches to fill in as necessary.

Working second half: For second half, turn work upside down and begin again, working from right to left and downward, as before.

Ebb & Flow: 43-stitch repeat, over 4, up or down 2. Note: When you begin next repeat, place first single stitch beside last single stitch of prior repeat, not up or down.


COLORWAY: Hydrangea.

COLORWAY: Geranium.

COLORWAY: Fuchsia.

COLORWAY: Impatiens.





COLORWAY: Sea Grass.


COLORWAY: Mulled Wine.

COLORWAY: Winterberry.

COLORWAY: Soft Whites.

COLORWAY: Quiet Greys.

COLORWAY: Mellow Yellows.

COLORWAY: Coral Pinks.

COLORWAY: Vivid Oranges.

COLORWAY: Earthy Browns.

COLORWAY: Petal Pinks.

COLORWAY: Violet Purples.

COLORWAY: Happy Blues.

COLORWAY: Resort Aquas.

COLORWAY: Spring Greens.

COLORWAY: Mossy Greens.

'The Bargello Book' by Frances Salter. Soft cover, 73 pages.

7½" square 18-count deluxe mono taped canvas.

Free Ebb and Flow Bargello Chart (Download).

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