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Blackwing Pencils

Blackwing Pencils

"Classic knitter's tools."

For charting, sketching, knitting notations, musings and memos, keep these classics close at hand. Beautiful by design and engineered for performance, Blackwing® pencils are a recent revival of a cult following that began in the 1930's.

The casing is made from sustainably-harvested California incense cedar with a finish applied in multiple coats to prevent fading and flaking. The Japanese graphite/clay core delivers optimum lines: "Half the pressure, twice the speed." With an extendable, replaceable eraser in an iconic ferrule.
Sold in boxes of 12 in three hardnesses. Blackwing (black): soft and smooth for artists and musicians. Blackwing 602 (grey): firm and smooth for writers. Blackwing Pearl (white): balanced and smooth for everyday use.  (You can find the Blackwing pencil sharpener here and replacement erasers here.)

Blackwing (black), set of 12.

Blackwing 602 (grey), set of 12.

Blackwing Pearl (white), set of 12.




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