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Rowan Magazine 71

Rowan Magazine 71

"Pure joy."

The two design stories in Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 71 are all about joy! With a playful, cheerful color palette, a range of Rowan’s best loved yarns, and 37 new patterns, happy making abounds!

In ‘The Joy Of’, Rowan’s team of designers reveal what brings them the utmost pleasure and happiness in their own interpretations of the meaning of joy. This unique collection features 27 designs—each as individual as its creator—in the uplifting shades of summer.

In ‘The Joy of Fresh Air,’ 10 designs rediscover the joy of being out in nature! Breezy and light, these patterns are in the softer shades of meadow, lake, and wood.

Like the seventy Rowan Magazines that have come before, this issue will provide endless hours of fiber appreciation and enjoyment.

Rowan Magazine 71.



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