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Micron Markers

Micron Markers

"Smooth, skip-free writing in archival ink."

The beautiful black Micron Pen, made in Japan, has become the standard for graphic artists, writers, crafters, and illustrators alike. The reason? The permanent archival ink. It's a patented ink that relies on complex pigments instead of unstable dyes, giving you a smooth, skip-free writing experience that offers consistent lettering and drawing every time.

They are also a pleasure to work with as your everyday writing instrument. Smear-proof (hello lefties!), waterproof, fade-proof, and they last a long time. Choose size 01 for the slimmest nib and finest line, size 03 for medium, and 05 for the thickest (though even the 05 gives a fairly slender linethe thicknesses are relative to each other). Can't decide? Try the multi packone of each size. Once you know your favorite you can order a three pack of just that.

Back to school, here we come!

Micron pens 3-pack - black 01.

Micron pens 3-pack - black 03.

Micron pens 3-pack - black 05.

Multi pack: 1 each of 01, 03, 05 in black.



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