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Bateaux Mouches Scarf Using Isager Alpaca 1

Bateaux Mouches Scarf Using Isager Alpaca 1

“Easy elegance.”

Bateaux mouches refers to the pleasure-steamers that once floated gracefully down the Seine. So did the designers at TUTTO Santa Fe name this scarf for its graceful boat-like shape or its careless Parisian chic? Either way, it really epitomizes an easy, elegant charm. It’s an elongated triangle shape with a softly-curved bottom, and the loose garter stitch hardly looks like garter stitch at all!

Isager’s Alpaca 1, a 2-ply lace-weight yarn, is ideal for light accessories, like the Bateaux Mouches Scarf. Spun in Peru, the 100% baby alpaca has a crisp hand and a downy-soft drape that feels lovely against the skin. The yarn’s fine gauge produces knitted details like no other. When your knitting’s done, don’t skip the wet-blocking step—your scarf will soften, settle, and reveal a beautiful finish. 

Pick up the pattern below and choose a shade of Alpaca 1. You'll need 2 skeins. For a full selection of colors, visit the Isager Alpaca 1 page.

1-page printed Bateaux Mouches pattern (requires shipping).

COLOR: 4s. Charcoal

COLOR: 2s. Light Gray.

COLOR: 11. Light Blue.

COLOR: 61. Plaster.

COLOR: Sky. A complex mix of heathered, muted lavenders.

COLOR: Thyme. Heathered, muted herbal greens.

COLOR: Forest. Heathered dark grey with hints of green.

COLOR: Midnight. Navy swirled with dark blue-violet.



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