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Spin-Stitch Poncho Using Isager Alpaca Merino 2

Spin-Stitch Poncho Using Isager Alpaca Merino 2

"The perfect spin on our favorite poncho."

We first used this traditional Estonian stitch in a scarf pattern for the 2016 LYS Tour. Not lace, but so lace-like! Not cabled, but twisted by ‘spinning’ a cluster of stitches 180°! Delighted with the simple but dramatic results, we couldn’t wait to use this stitch in a bigger way.

Introducing the perfect twist on our favorite poncho! With alpaca and wool in equal measure, Isager Alpaca Merino 2 gives texture and definition to the beautiful stitch pattern, blocks beautifully, and has the added bonus of softness and drape. What more could we ask for? Two size options (S/M and L/XL) allow you to create just the right fit. We fastened it with eight small shell buttons (available below). Style it multiple waysshown here both over a slip dress, and on an Island beach with tee shirt and jeans!

Grab a copy of the pattern, and then choose a shade below. You'll need 4 skeins to make either size of the poncho. For a full selection of colors, see the Isager Alpaca Merino 2 yarn page. 

Digital Spin-Stitch Scarf & Poncho pattern. (Download)

Printed Spin-Stitch Scarf & Poncho pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 11 Lt. Blue. Heathered baby blue.

COLOR: 16 Marine Blue-Green. Light teal.

COLOR: 47 Blue Grey. Balanced blend of medium blue and charcoal.

COLOR: 36 Wine. Deep amethyst.

COLOR: 52 Dusty Plum. Heathered soft purple.

COLOR: 19 Mauve. Bright mauve, more pink than purple.

COLOR: 21 Red. Tomato.

COLOR: 24 Orange. Like a puffin bill.

COLOR: 39 Shrimp. Tea-dyed pink.

COLOR: 8s Med. Natural Brown. Warm cocoa brown.

COLOR: 3 Old Gold. Vintage deep gold.

COLOR: 40 Chartreuse. Heathered yellow shaded with green and gray.

COLOR: 43 Med. Green. Pea green.

COLOR: 23 Green Gray. Soft army green.

COLOR: 46 Lt. Green. Heathered seafoam.

COLOR: 0 Natural White. Cream.

COLOR: 4s Natural Dark Grey. (Undyed; color may vary between lots.)

COLOR: 30 Black.

COLOR: 2s Lt. Natural Gray. Heathered granite.

Small shell buttons, package of 8.





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