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Ruched Wrap Using Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Ruched Wrap Using Rowan Kidsilk Haze







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The Design

“Ruffles with restraint.”

Our Ruched Wrap, designed by Jennifer Evans, was created to add subtle feminine flourish to the scarf equation (think of it as ruffles with restraint). We couldn’t resist turning the gathered bands on their side with a lacier yarn—the result is an ethereal wrap on a dramatic scale! Wear it as a party shawl or as an unexpected piece of fluff over a tailored coat. Heaven!

For this pretty wrap, we picked lace-weight Rowan Kidsilk Haze—a favorite Churchmouse go-to. It’s delicate and fine with a lovely halo that gives a subtle fuzz to this piece’s gentle ruches. Strong but sheer, weightless but warm—perfect for an airy wrap!

The Details

Approx. 77 x 16"/196 x 41cm.

5 skeins Rowan Kidsilk Haze (229 yds/210m each); Or approx. 1120 yds/1025m of an equivalent lace-weight mohair and silk blend.

Wrap shown in color 590 Pearl.

US 8 (5mm) 24"/60cm circular, or size to obtain gauge.
US 10 (6mm) 24–32"/60–80cm circular, or two sizes larger than gauge needle.

Approx. 15 sts = 4"/10cm in garter stitch on smaller needles.

Digital Ruched Scarf & Wrap pattern. (Download)

Printed Ruched Scarf & Wrap pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 583 Blushes. A deep lush dusty rose.

COLOR: 606 Candy Girl. A supersaturated clear hot pink.

COLOR: 643 Flower. A pretty, pretty sugary pink.

COLOR: 661 Rosso. Vivid lipstick red.

COLOR: 580 Grace. The faintest whisper of pink.

COLOR: 659 Ultra. Purple with a touch of hyacinth blue.

COLOR: 600 Dewberry. A deep lush dusty mauve.

COLOR: 665 Hibiscus. Unabashedly lavender.

COLOR: 579 Splendour. A bright clear orchid purple.

COLOR: 641 Blackcurrant. Dark, dark, dark plummy purple.

COLOR: 595 Liqueur. Luscious wine red.

COLOR: 627 Blood. A slightly faded burnt red.

COLOR: 650 Killer Red. A lively coral that's lit from within.

COLOR: 596 Marmalade. A bright rich clear orange.

COLOR: 649 Brick. Soft dusty terracotta.

COLOR: 581 Meadow. A pale wash of spearmint.

COLOR: 645 Garden. Fresh honeydew melon.

COLOR: 597 Jelly. A rich acid green, more chartreuse than lime.

COLOR: 629 Fern. A clear dappled leafy green .

COLOR: 651 Forest Green. A deep primeval pine.

COLOR: 582 Trance. A deep lush dusty turquoise.

COLOR: 632 Hurricane. Dark saturated marine blue.

COLOR: 660 Turkish Plum. Deep true navy.

COLOR: 639 Anthracite. Is it grey? Or is it blue?.

COLOR: 592 Heavenly. Simply pale blue.

COLOR: 636 Mist. A faint wash of periwinkle.

COLOR: 642 Ghost. A wisp of barely-blue smoke.

COLOR: 634 Cream. A fresh lustrous warm white.

COLOR: 590 Pearl. A wash of warm taupe.

COLOR: 653 Shadow. Rosy mother-of-pearl.

COLOR: 589 Majestic. Smokey grey with a whiff of lavender.

COLOR: 605 Smoke. Deep grey, a shade less blue than Anthracite.

COLOR: 599 Wicked. Blackest black, the urbane basic.

COLOR: 658 Fudge. Rich golden butterscotch.

COLOR: 652 Mud. Tawny winter grasses.

COLOR: 663 Essence. A cheery sunflower yellow.

COLOR: 664 Steel. Softly silver.

COLOR: 666 Alhambra. Clear, bright teal.

COLOR: 610 Mahogany. Medium brown with gold highlights.

COLOR: 614 Strawberry. Cool, light red.

COLOR: 607 Velvet. Vivid purple.

COLOR: 613 Royal. Bright royal blue.

COLOR: 611 Drab. Soft olive green.

COLOR: 609 Atlantic. Bright cerulean blue.

COLOR: 612 White. Soft white.

COLOR: 670 Vanilla. Palest yellow.

COLOR: 669 Degas. Sugared violets.

COLOR: 671 Peacock. True teal.

COLOR: 672 Agra. Dusty lavender pink.

COLOR: 673 Orange Musk. Golden tangerine.

COLOR: 675 Bluebird. Bright blue with a hint of violet.

COLOR: 674 Bark. Figgy purplish brown with a golden core.

COLOR: 668 Blustery. Warm, rosy brown with a golden core.

COLOR: 676 Aura. Foggy grey.

COLOR: 677 Serenity. Periwinkle blue.

COLOR: 678 Purplicious. Juicy purple.

COLOR: 679 Mulberry. Boysenberry wine.

COLOR: 680 Burnt Caramel. Muted coral.

COLOR: 681 Romance. Romantic red with a hint of raspberry.

COLOR: 682 Ruby. Bright ruby red.

COLOR: 683 Golden Poppy. Neon orange.

COLOR: 684 Eve Green. Pollen with a hint of green.

COLOR: 685 Laguna. Bright blueberry candy.

COLOR: 686 Lustre. Soft beige.

COLOR: 687 Nectar. Flamingo Pink.

COLOR: 688 Sweet. Punchy pink.

COLOR: 689 Branch. Taupe with a hint of purple.

COLOR: 690 Crown Jewel. Conversation heart pink.

COLOR: 691 Depth. Deep periwinkle blue.

COLOR: 692 Gem. Emerald green.

COLOR: 693 Mint.

COLOR: 694 Lilla.

COLOR: 696 Mineral.

COLOR: 695 Ochre.

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