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Thomas Haas Chocolate Tea Bars

Thomas Haas Chocolate Tea Bars

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"Dreamy, creamy, tea-y." 

From our food and tea buyer, Erika: "While I was attending culinary school in Vancouver, BC, I used to wander in to Thomas Haas' chocolate shop often, gazing through the glass cases at the beautiful, colorful, and imaginative variety of chocolates and truffles.

"They are so well made, and the flavors really compliment each other beautifully. The packaging is one of a kind, and I love how the bars are crafted so that you can choose a little or a big piecedepending on how you feel."

And who doesn't feel like a bit chocolate now and then?

FLAVOR: Matcha. White chocolate with matcha green tea.

FLAVOR: Rooibos. Dark chocolate with rooibos tea and rose essence.

FLAVOR: Chai. Milk chocolate with darjeeling tea and chai spices.

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