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HuskeeCup Travel Cups

HuskeeCup Travel Cups

"A go-to to-go cup."

The HuskeeCup, winner of the Australian Good Design Award, is a fantastic reusable cup that both reduces the amount of takeaway cups in our landfills and repurposes a material that would otherwise be wasted—coffee husks.

Produced at the milling stage of coffee production, coffee husks are used to create a non-toxic, BPA-free cup that keeps your hot drinks hot. Its slim, easy-to-hold shape features raised ridges that protect your hands from the heat of your beverage. The cups are stackable, the lids are interchangeable, and both are dishwasher-safe—definitely a go-to to-go cup!

These 8 oz Travel Cups are available in a warm natural color and in classic black.

12oz. travel cup. COLOR: Charcoal.

12oz. travel cup. COLOR: Natural.

8oz. travel cup. COLOR: Charcoal.

8oz. travel cup. COLOR: Natural.

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    $22.00     $13.20

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