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Doris Creamware Little Mugs

Doris Creamware Little Mugs

"A whimsical wee cuppa."

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We carry on our devotion to English creamware pottery with a fresh assortment of darling mugs from Doris & Co. Just about the right size for the nursery, a christening gift, or the perfect wee cuppa, these Little Mugs are just over a quarter of a pint. Adorned with four different pet names, gift them to your dear ones, young and old. These delightfully whimsical cups will bring back fond memories and are sturdy enough to withstand years of teatime, imaginary or otherwise.

  • Poppetwhat is more English than this endearment? It embodies warmth and affection stamped on this mug in red, surrounded by homey wildflowers.
  • A lacy lavender design graces the Sugar Plum mug, as sweet and pretty as the candy it was named after.
  • Silly Billy grew from a comical personality, singing and dancing through English country fairs, into an affectionate nickname. Stamped in tomboyish blue, this mug is perfect for a character who always puts a smile on your face.
  • In the language of flowers, the Sweet Pea symbolizes blissful pleasure and gratitude for a lovely time. Perfect for a thank you gift to a deserving someonethat includes you!

Doris & Co is devoted to making English creamware pottery using time honored methods. Each and every cream colored mug is hand cast in traditional shapes, combined with a touch of 'loveability'. Decorated using the old fashioned in-glaze method gives their wares a touch of heirloom, but still resilient. Dishwasher safe.

DESIGN: Poppet.

DESIGN: Sweet Pea.

DESIGN: Sugar Plum.

DESIGN: Silly Billy.

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