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Cole's Puddings

Cole's Puddings

"Authentically British!"

It’s an old adage that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Well, once we tasted Cole’s Great British Puddings, they more than proved their deliciousness! Using the finest ingredients and most meticulous methods, Cole’s has been creating quality, traditional Christmas puddings using the same family recipes since 1939.

The Calico Wrap Pudding is a beautiful, rich pudding with a light texture and distinct, memorable flavor. It’s made using premium ale and copious amounts of fruit.

The Festive Plum Pudding, brightly bedecked in the Union Jack, is made with vine fruits and whiskey.

The English Privilege Pudding, packaged in a handsome black gift box, is made with the finest Scotch malt whiskey, madeira, sherry, and English ale.

Calico-wrapped Christmas Pudding, 16oz.

Festive Plum Pudding, 8oz.

English Privilege Pudding, 24oz.

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