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Cody Foster Holiday Ornaments

Cody Foster Holiday Ornaments

"Old-fashioned merriment."

The warm glow of glass and the frosty sparkle of glitter make your tree all the more radiant! Calling birds, cheery robins, geese a-laying, stirring mice, and party-going pups—even an iconic, red phone booth—all bring a bit of old-fashioned merriment to your holiday.

The geese (in two sizes), the mouse (nibbling on a bright berry), and the phone booth are all made of glass and frosted with glitter. The celebratory dogs and robin (a very good fellow, indeed) are encased in glass domes. The calling bird is entirely covered in twinkling, copper and graphite glitter.

Short Neck Goose.

Long Neck Goose.

Winter Mouse.

Glitter Bird.

Robin in Glass Dome.

Bulldog in Glass Dome.

London Telephone Booth.

Party Dog in Glass Dome.

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