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Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

"Make a wish!"

In Jan Brett's Christmas tale, cheeky hedgehog sneaks away in the snow with the family's Christmas pudding atop his prickly back. Off to the mischievous troll's treetop lair he runs!

With only a bit less excitement, we bring you this Christmas Pudding from our friends at Thursday Cottage, who give us our favorite jams and treats all year long. This time-honored British holiday dessert sits just between a cake and a pudding in texture. Raisins and currants are steeped for hours and hours in brandy, orange marmalade and dark molasses. Traditionally served aflameyou can skip that part and simply steam it or pop it into your microwaveand topped with pouring custard ('créme Anglaise'). We've also melted vanilla ice cream over it, or used heavy cream or even Brandy Butter (also by Thursday Cottage). When cutting the first slice, everyone gets to make a wish!

Thursday Cottage was started in a kitchen in Somerset, England in 1963. Though they are now located in Essex, nothing much has changed since then - the batches are still small (only 100 jars per batch), the ingredients are the best they can find, and the recipes are simple and delicious. Everything is handmade and cooked in open pans.

Nut free and suitable for vegetarians.

Christmas Pudding, 4oz.

Christmas Pudding, 16oz box.

Christmas Pudding, 16oz cello-wrapped.

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