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Winter Field Hat Using Rowan Felted Tweed

Winter Field Hat Using Rowan Felted Tweed

"Cute, colorful, clever."

Adorably bold and playfully graphic, the Winter Field Hat is colorblocking at its most fun. Designed by Dee Hardwicke for Rowan Seasonal Palette: Autumn Winter 2019, this cute beanie is knit then seamed. Four different colors are arranged in a variety of cheerful blocks and stripes, using the clever intarsia technique. Add a pom-pom for a jubilant burst of color!

The Winter Field Hat is knit in Rowan Felted Tweed, a warm, woolly favorite. This fiber is on the finer side of DK-weight and blends merino wool with alpaca and viscose. As a result, it has softness and spring, drape and luster—and beautiful color options! In fact, for the Seasonal Palette collection, Dee Harwicke has composed a palette of eight colors inspired by the Welsh countryside and her watercolor paintings.

Rowan Seasonal Palette by Dee Hardwicke; softcover, 64 pgs, 9 designs.

COLOR: 803 Winter Blue. Forest moss.

COLOR: 802 Dusk Rose. Salmon pink with blue flecks.

COLOR: 804 Night Sky. Cyan blue.

COLOR: 193 Cumin. Warm golden wheat.

COLOR: 801 Hillside Green. Grass with morning frost.

COLOR: 151 Bilberry. Juicy royal grape.

COLOR: 145 Treacle. Plummy brown (think molasses).

COLOR: 184 Celadon. Weathered sea green.



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