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Plush Poncho Using Rowan Alpaca Classic

Plush Poncho Using Rowan Alpaca Classic

"Classic shape, lovely texture."

The Plush Poncho, designed by Martin Storey for Rowan All Year Round, is the perfect layering piece all fall and winter (and spring and even summer) long. The classic poncho shape is dressed up with an all-over, rhythmic pattern of tiny, repeated nupps—a wee version of a bobble. Edged with moss stitch (like what we in the US know as seed stitch), it has a lovely finish!

Plush is knit in Rowan Alpaca Classic—the epitome of everything we love about a Rowan yarn. DK-weight Alpaca Classic has a cotton net at the core of its strand that captures an abundance of alpaca fuzz for a yarn that’s as light as it is soft!

All Year Round by Martin Storey; softcover, 96 pgs, 13 designs.

COLOR: 101 Feather Grey Melange. Cozy clouds on an autumn morning.

COLOR: 102 Charcoal Melange. Arctic wolf grey.

COLOR: 117 Sierra Melange. Dark brown and grey.

COLOR: 105 Coastal Melange. Navy blue and dark grey.

COLOR: 103 Noir. Pure black.

COLOR: 121 Dahlia. Red wine.

COLOR: 115 Snowflake White. White cotton.

NEW COLOR: 127 Champagne. Pale shade of peach.

COLOR: 116 Soft Satin. Pinkish ivory.



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