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Jolly Stocking Cap Using Big Bad Wool Weepaca

Jolly Stocking Cap Using Big Bad Wool Weepaca

"A fun, floppy topper!"

We had a lot of fun with the Jolly Stocking Cap. How could we not? From the stripey length to the tasseled tip—it’s a perfectly floppy topper!

We knit our Jolly Stocking Cap in Big Bad Wool's Weepaca. This light worsted-weight yarn is an incredibly soft half-and-half blend of fine, washable merino and baby alpaca. Keeping your wee romper in mind, this natural fiber was created to be safe for a gentle machine wash. And its traditional color palette—with a few juicy pops—provides so much room for play!

You can pick up the pattern in "The Free Pattern" tab and choose a fun colorway. The three-skein colorways below will work for any child size. Adult sizing information is available on the pattern download.

COLORWAY: Stop-Ashes-Bleach.

COLORWAY: Canoe-Blue Eyes-Raw.

COLORWAY: Night Owl-Canoe-Bluebird.

COLORWAY: Piggy-Koi-Coral.

COLORWAY: Mustard-Plum-Girly Girl.

COLORWAY: Orange-Fried Egg-Treefrog.

COLORWAY: Lilac-Pink Noses-Raw.

COLORWAY: Charcoal-Stop-Raw.

Free digital Jolly Stocking Cap pattern. (Download)





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