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Easy Peasy Baby Jacket Using Sirdar Snuggly Bunny

Easy Peasy Baby Jacket Using Sirdar Snuggly Bunny

"Soft as a bunny’s nose."

There’s something sweet, even naïve, about an all-garter-stitch baby sweater. It’s a perfect first sweater—for baby and for knitter! And, whether it’s your first sweater or your hundredth, you’ll appreciate not having to add front or neck bands when you’re done. That’s the beauty of garter stitch!

The Easy-Peasy Baby Jacket is soft as the down on a rabbit’s nose in Sirdar Snuggly Bunny! This aran-weight yarn is akin to a fringed ribbon, crafted entirely in nylon. Next-to-the-skin soft and oh, so pettable, Snuggly Bunny adds floof to the simplest of stitch patterns. In a sweetly refined color palette, this yarn is baby friendly, kid friendly, and—oh, why not—grown up friendly, too!

Digital Easy Peasy Baby Jacket pattern (Download).

Printed Easy Peasy Baby Jacket pattern (Requires shipping).

COLOR: 310 Lamb. Bright white of a lambs first fleece.

COLOR: 311 Fawn. Soft sandy beige.

COLOR: 312 Puppy. Light grey.

COLOR: 313 Kitten. Precious pink!

COLOR: 316 Cub. Bright indigo.





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