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Sleeveless Slipover Using Shibui Twig

Sleeveless Slipover Using Shibui Twig

“Neat, cute, casual.”

This style is so versatile, we all wanted different lengths—cropped, hip, tunic, and dress lengths. Or any length you’d like! It’s quite simple to customize your Slipover—for your personal style or body type, as a long layer with side vents or as a short topper over a tee, to be dressed up or down.

We knit this cute, abbreviated length in Shibui Twig—a cool combination of wool, silk, and linen. With or without a layer underneath, this summery fiber has a neat drape and serene style that blend into a casual elegance. We’re even thinking it’d look fabulous worn over a longer Slipover in a smaller size!

We’ve provided instructions (including how much Twig you need) for eight different sizes and four different lengths. So choose a style and color—from the whole of Shibui’s deep, vivid color palette—and get started!

Pick up the pattern below, and then choose your color of Twig. The Basic Details tab will tell you how many skeins you need for your size. If you want to see all the colors available, just head over to the Shibui Twig page.

Digital Sleeveless Slipover pattern. (Download)

Printed Sleeveless Slipover pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Tweedy black.

COLOR: 2012 Fjord. Elegant muted teal blue.

COLOR: 2004 Ivory. Creamy natural.

COLOR: 11 Tar. Dark charcoal-grey.

COLOR: 2041 Pollen. A mix of gold and straw.

COLOR: 2035 Fog. Medium muted grey.

COLOR: 2039 Imperial. Magenta with flecks of taupe.

COLOR: 2022 Mineral. A warm taupe, somewhere between grey, lavender pink, and brown.





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