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Thinking Cap Using Shibui Pebble

Thinking Cap Using Shibui Pebble

"Just a thought..."

Inspired by a ready-to-wear Italian cashmere cap, we engineered our hand-knit version to be sleek and utterly seamless. The super-fine fabric is doubled at the cuff with a tiny joining welt for extra warmth. And that cool welt could be popped with a fun, contrast color. Okay, the needles are tiny and the details a little fussy, but it’s worth it—we think!

Knit in Shibui Pebble on those tiny needles, this fabric will be beyond soft. This version is done with just one color, but the welt is well defined. And the quiet, fuzzy woolliness of this silk, merino and cashmere blend? Absolutely dreamy.

You’ll need two skeins of Pebble—if you’d like that contrasting welt, you’ll need a third skein in a fun pop. Or look through your stash at home, you might have just what you need! For a full selection of colors, go to the Shibui Pebble page.

Digital Thinking Cap pattern. (Download)

Printed Thinking Cap pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Tweedy dark charcoal-grey.

COLOR: 2003 Ash. Tweedy blend of cool light greys.

COLOR: 2018 Bordeaux. Tweedy maroon.

COLOR: 115 Brick. Tweedy red-orange.

COLOR: 2004 Ivory. Tweedy, rustic off-white.

COLOR: 15 Sidewalk. Tweedy, rustic natural flax.

COLOR: 2016 Suit. Tweedy midnight-blue.

COLOR: 11 Tar. Tweedy medium charcoal-grey.

COLOR: 2041 Pollen. Tweedy yellow-green.

COLOR: 2012 Fjord. Tweedy tealy-blue.

COLOR: 2017 Velvet. Tweedy plummy purple.

COLOR: 50 Canal. Indigo with flecks of grey and brighter blue.

COLOR: 13 Caffeine. Cafe au lait.

COLOR: 2035 Fog. Stormy grey.

COLOR: 2038 Cove. Deep green-blue.

COLOR: 2032 Field. Muted brownish olive.

COLOR: 2039 Imperial. Purple flecked with taupe.

COLOR: 2034 Blueprint. Bright blue with paler blue marl.

COLOR: 2002 Graphite. Mixed blues and greys.

COLOR: 2022 Mineral. Muted grey and warm taupe marl.





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