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Seed Stitch Baby Beanie Using Lang Mille Colori Baby

Seed Stitch Baby Beanie Using Lang Mille Colori Baby

“Sweet & easy.”

The Seed-Stitch Baby Beanie, an adorable little free pattern, is the perfect topper for your favorite wee person! There’s something so rhythmic about seed stitch—and it’s wonderful when combined with a soft, yummy yarn. Choose between a plain or rolled edge with a cute I-cord knot at the top.

The seed stitch of this wee beanie combines brilliantly with Lang Mille Colori Baby’s self-striping nature—the texture is fascinating! This fingering-weight yarn is true to its name (mille colori means ‘a thousand colors’ in Italian). Long washes of vibrant color twist into each other in its single-ply strand. Spun from springy, 100% Australian merino wool, Mille Colori Baby is as resilient as it is soft.

COLOR: 0033 Blues. Fades from darkest blue to navy, aquamarine, and finishes with a nice plum.

COLOR: 0068 Earth Tones. An ancient jungle at night. Dark blues, browns, greens, and yellows.

COLOR: 0150 Purples. Peacock tail feathers! Purples, blues, greens, pinks, and even some pale orange.

COLOR: 0151 Rainbow. Pastel purple, grey, pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

COLOR: 0152 Red. Neon color party! Hot pink, green, orange, magenta, and blue.

COLOR: 0153 Pumpkin Patch. Pastel oranges, yellows, pinks, blues, and greens. Evokes feelings of early autumn!

Free digital Seed Stitch Baby Beanie pattern. (Download)





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