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Sleeveless Slipover Using Isager Palet

Sleeveless Slipover Using Isager Palet

“Speckled, spattered, Slipover.”

This style is so versatile, we all wanted different lengths—cropped, hip, tunic, and dress lengths. Or any length you’d like! It’s quite simple to customize your Slipover—for your personal style or body type, as a long layer with side vents or as a short topper over a tee, to be dressed up or down.

We knit this cute, abbreviated length in Isager Palet—a speckled, spattered 100% cotton ribbon. This light, fingering-weight yarn brings a touch of contemporary street art (or a smock artfully spotted with paint) to your Slipover!

Pick up the pattern below, and then choose your color of Palet. The "Basic Details" tab will tell you how many skeins you need for your size. We’ve provided instructions (including how much Palet you need) for eight different sizes and four different lengths. So choose a style and color and get started!

Digital Sleeveless Slipover pattern. (Download)

Printed Sleeveless Slipover pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: Autumn. Pale taupe base speckled with purple, brick, and moss.

COLOR: Dunes. Sand base speckled with sepia and ash.

COLOR: Jazz. Pale grey base speckled with teal, magenta, and orange.

COLOR: Night Sky. Pale grey base speckled with graphite and slate.

COLOR: Ocean. Pale grey base speckled with aqua and denim.





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