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Easy Triangle Scarf Using Isager Palet

Easy Triangle Scarf Using Isager Palet

"Simple shape, speckled shading."

A shallow, garter-stitch triangle, this simple scarf is a breeze to knit! Long, tapered ends offer tons of styling and tying options, while an eyelet edging adds interest. And this scarf’s clean simplicity lets intriguingly textured yarns shine!

For this version of the Easy Triangle Scarf, we picked Isager Palet—a speckled, spattered 100% cotton ribbon. This light, fingering-weight yarn brings a touch of contemporary art (or a smock artfully spotted with paint) to your scarf. And its tape-like nature adds a fascinating dimension to those garter ridges!

COLOR: Autumn. Pale taupe base speckled with purple, brick, and moss.

COLOR: Dunes. Sand base speckled with sepia and ash.

COLOR: Jazz. Pale grey base speckled with teal, magenta, and orange.

COLOR: Night Sky. Pale grey base speckled with graphite and slate.

COLOR: Ocean. Pale grey base speckled with aqua and denim.

Free digital Easy Triangle Scarf pattern. (Download)





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