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Very Warm Headband Using Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok

Very Warm Headband Using Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok

"Toasty-warm wool!"

This little pattern comes courtesy of the inspiring, intrepid, irrepressible Shirley Grade, who operated the Yarn House in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, into her 80s. Thanks again, Shirl! The slipped stitches at the end of each row result in an I-cord edging that smooshes the garter ridges closer for extra toastiness.

Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok makes a light, sturdy Very Warm Headband! Made from the fleece of select Peruvian Highland sheep, Woolstok is gently plied, giving a lofty lightness to your ear warmer without compromising any woolly warmth.

Click on the Free Pattern tab to see the headband pattern. Then choose your color of Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok below; you'll need just 1 skein for this quick and cozy project. For a full selection of colors, head over to the Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok page.

COLOR: 1300 Cast Iron. Heathered charcoal.

COLOR: 1301 Storm Cloud. Medium grey.

COLOR: 1303 Highland Fleece. Natural cream.

COLOR: 1304 Grey Harbor. Pale grey.

COLOR: 1305 October Sky. Denim blue.

COLOR: 1306 Wild Thyme. Heathery herbal green.

COLOR: 1307 Pressed Grapes. Between raspberry and purple.

COLOR: 1310 Cranberry Compote. Rich red cranberries.

COLOR: 1312 Drift Wood. Warm sand.

COLOR: 1313 Dark Chocolate. Dark earthy brown.

COLOR: 1314 Deep Velvet. Rich boysenberry purple.

COLOR: 1315 Red Rock. Warm cherry red.

COLOR: 1317 Midnight Sea. Deepest teal.

COLOR: 1318 Thermal Spring. Icy aqua.

COLOR: 1319 Quartz Crystal. Soft ballet pink.

Free digital Very Warm Headband in 4 Gauges pattern. (Download)





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