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Earflap Hat Using Blue Sky Fibers Techno

Earflap Hat Using Blue Sky Fibers Techno

“We’ve got your ears covered!”

In chilly weather, this hat is guaranteed to keep your ears well-guarded. Constructed so that two comfy flaps rest on either side of your noggin, you can secure it under your chin with the braided cords, or let the tasseled tips fly stylishly free!

We knit our Earflap Hat in the tech-savvy Blue Sky Fibers Techno! Knit at an aran-weight gauge, this multi-talented fiber has a core of silken mesh blown through with delicate, baby alpaca fibers. Weightless and lofty, its soft and airy fuzz promises to keep you nice and warm.

Click on the "Free Pattern" tab to see the hat pattern. Then choose your color of Blue Sky Fibers Techno below; you'll need 1 skein for Child/Adult Small and Adult Medium, and 2 skeins for Adult Large.

COLOR: 1970 Fame. Fluffy whipped cream.

COLOR: 1971 Metro Silver. Misty silver.

COLOR: 1974 Smoke. Medium smokey grey.

COLOR: 1975 Club Gray. Dark charcoal grey.

COLOR: 1984 Jive. Olive green.

COLOR: 1985 Mellow. Golden yellow.

COLOR: 1988 Tranquil. Darkest navy.

COLOR: 1989 Wicked. Deep wine with dark depths.

Free digital Earflap Hat pattern. (Download)





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