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Chunky Fisherman's Rib Beanie Using Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky

Chunky Fisherman's Rib Beanie Using Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky

“Ahoy, beanie!”

The perfect thing to keep your ears warm in a storm! Fisherman’s Rib is a simple, rhythmic stitch pattern. The result? A cozy fabric with unequaled warmth and volume. A deeply textured stitch that's satisfying and comfy in just about any gauge. Hurray!

Berroco's Ultra Alpaca Chunky balances wool and alpaca perfectly; softness and strength gently plied with a rustic twist. Fabric has just the right amount of stretch for a hat, and colors include rich neutrals and heathered, earthy mixes. Pom-pom optional, but why not? We used some contrasting Manos Maxima on ours, but one skein of Ultra Alpaca Chunky is plenty for beanie and pom-pom.

Click on "The Free Pattern" tab to see the beanie pattern. Pick a charming color of Ultra Alpaca Chunky below--you'll need 1 skein to make the hat shown.

COLOR: 7201 Winter White. Creamy ivory.

COLOR: 7206 Light Grey. Heathery blend of light greys.

COLOR: 7207 Salt and Pepper. Medium heathery charcoal grey.

COLOR: 7214 Steel Cut Oats. Oatmeal taupe.

COLOR: 7234 Cardinal. Vivid crimson-red.

COLOR: 7245 Pitch Black. Inky black.

COLOR: 7277 Peat Mix. Heathery pine and forest greens.

COLOR: 7279 Potting Soil Mix. Warm browns.

COLOR: 7288 Blueberry Mix. Dark blueberry blue with a touch of purple.

COLOR: 7292 Tigers Eye. Heathery coppers and golden tans.

COLOR: 72171 Berry Pie Mix. Berries, plums, and vivid purple.

COLOR: 72182 Indigo Mix. Tealy navy and purple.

COLOR: 72183 Garnet Mix. Dark red plum swirled with vivid violet blue.

COLOR: 72170 Cerulean Mix. Blended greeny-blues and turquoise, with hints of purple and gold.

COLOR: 7289 Charcoal. Perfect dark charcoal.

COLOR: 7281 Redwood Mix. Warm brick red.

Pom-Pom Maker - Large (2½" & 3⅜" / 65mm & 85mm)



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