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Thoroughly Modular Granny

Thoroughly Modular Granny

"Modular and Modern!"

This Free Churchmouse Pattern has been retired because the yarn we used for it was discontinued, or we no longer carry it.

Even newbie crocheters (as are many of us who come over from knitting) love the ease and fun of granny squares. The sets of 3 double-crochets that make up the clusters are rhythmic to do, and build up fabric so fast, it makes crocheting granny squares as quick and satisfying knitting baby blankets and afghans.

But it's hard to wear a square, so we wondered if it were possible to pull a square out long to make a rectangle? Sure enough, you can!

So make a rectangle. Seam the short ends and it makes a pretty cowl. Or make two rectangles. Seam once to make a longer scarf, or seam twice to make a loop. This is what makes our pattern thoroughly modular and thoroughly modern!

Click on "The Free Pattern" tab to see the pattern.

US H/5.0mm crochet hook.

Free digital Thoroughly Modular Granny pattern. (Download)





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