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Crocheted Moroccan-Style Slippers Using Rowan Handknit Cotton

Crocheted Moroccan-Style Slippers Using Rowan Handknit Cotton

"Free crochet pattern for the 2017 LYS Tour!"

These are the sturdy, crocheted. Moroccan-inspired cousin to our knitted Turkish Bed Socks! Ever since the Bed Socks were introduced in 2009, we’ve had requests for a crocheted version—and here it is! Designed for a worsted-weight yarn, they’ll hold up to all the promenading, puttering, marching, and moonwalking you do around the house.

We crocheted our Slippers in Rowan Handknit Cotton—a hard-working 100% cotton yarn. The plies are spun tightly together, creating a smooth, cool touch. Plus, this fiber is machine washable. So no worries if you step out of the house with your Slippers still on your feet!

Click on the "Free Pattern" tab to see the Slipper pattern. Then choose a fun color for your Slippersyou'll need 2 skeins for a pair. (For a full selection of colors, go to the Rowan Handknit Cotton page.) 

COLOR: 205 Linen. A latte with a lot of milk.

COLOR: 215 Rosso. Ripe tomato red.

COLOR: 219 Gooseberry. Chartreuse green.

COLOR: 251 Ecru. Delicate cream.

COLOR: 252 Black. Deepest black.

COLOR: 277 Turkish Plum. Dark navy blue.

COLOR: 346 Atlantic. Tropical turquoise.

COLOR: 347 Slate. Medium grey.

COLOR: 239 Ice Water. Blue skies with a bit of haze.

COLOR: 334 Delphinium. Medium lavender purple.

COLOR: 335 Thunder. Muted marine blue.

COLOR: 348 Aubergine. Faded grape.

COLOR: 356 Raspberry. Deep rosy pink.

COLOR: 354 Sunshine. Lemon yellow.

Free digital Crocheted Moroccan-Style Slippers pattern. (Download)





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