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Crocheted Flowers Scarf Using Jawoll Magic Dégradé

Crocheted Flowers Scarf Using Jawoll Magic Dégradé

"Blossoms around your neck!"

This pretty flower motif blooms with basic crochet stitches. Each motif is joined to the others as you go so there’s no fussy assembly required at the end—hurrah! Choose a self-striping yarn for a colorful spray of blossoms, like Lang Jawoll Magic Dégradé a single ply, woolly fingering-weight yarn. The long repeats of color nearly create each blossom in its own hue. Mainly wool with a touch of nylon, this fiber blend gives structure to each lacy, open flower. Almost like walking through a garden and picking your own bouquet!

Follow our diagrams for joining motifs, or, once you get the hang of it, pick your own size and arrangement.

Grab a copy of the pattern below, and then choose a spectacular transitioning color. The 3-tier scarf shown here used 1 skein of Lang Jawoll Magic Dégradé; to make a lavish 7-tier wrap size (not shown), you'll need three skeins. 

Digital Crocheted Flowers Scarf pattern. (Download)

Printed Crocheted Flowers Scarf pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 0007. Faded grape, purple, lavender, hot pink, muted gold.

COLOR: 0019. Springy hues of peach, pink, golds, grey.

COLOR: 0017. All shades of green: teal, olive, army, grass, chartreuse.

COLOR: 0024. Earthy browns, stormy blues, sky, periwinkle.

COLOR: 0039. Autumnal shades of bronze, copper, grape, grey, pop of coral.

COLOR: 0053. Raspberry, cherry, blueberry and lemon, all marled with cream.

COLOR: 0054. Jewel-tones: sapphire, dark amethyst, emerald, golden topaz, pink rubies.

COLOR: 0059. A summer garden: marigold, sunflower, fuchsia, hot red, bright green.

COLOR: 0070. Inky black and moody greys from darkest charcoal to pale silver.

COLOR: 0074. Tropical seas: all shades of turquoise and aqua green.





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