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X x X Anniversary Tea Cozy: 2-Cup Version Using Rowan Felted Tweed

X x X Anniversary Tea Cozy: 2-Cup Version Using Rowan Felted Tweed

"On a scale of 1-10… a 10!"

In our opinion, every home needs a teapot—and every teapot needs a tea cozy! We designed this cute little cozy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our shop. It’s a combination of a few of our favorite things—cables, tweed, and tea! We made sure to sneak in ten (X!) criss-crossing cables, too.

We knit this wee, 2-cup teapot version (a free adaptation to our original X x X Anniversary Tea Cozy) with two, tonal colors of Rowan Felted Felted Tweed marled together. This DK-weight blend of merino wool, alpaca, and viscose is a Churchmouse go-to—and it does a fine job of keeping a teapot warmer, longer!

Digital X x X Anniversary Tea Cozy pattern. (Download.)

Printed X x X Anniversary Tea Cozy pattern. (Requires shipping.)

Free digital adaptation. (Download.)

COLORWAY: 1 skein of 154 Ginger + 1 skein of 198 Zinnia

COLORWAY: 1 skein of 184 Celadon + 1 skein of 204 Vaseline

COLORWAY: 1 skein of 195 Boulder + 1 skein of 159 Carbon

COLORWAY: 1 skein of 152 Watery + 1 skein of 202 Turquoise

COLORWAY: 1 skein of 193 Cumin + 1 skein of 181 Mineral

COLORWAY: 1 skein of 199 Pink Bliss + 1 skein of 200 Barbara





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